Why are women attracted to men with power

Throughout history, women have always been attracted to men with power. The question as to why this is so has been debated for centuries. Although the answers may vary, most women may tell you a similar response. The answer is why should they fall in love for a man that’s weak when one in power is so much better?

When it comes to relationships, men and women see things quite differently. Very rarely you will find a man who is attracted to a woman simply for her power. Men are creatures led by visuals and as such, that must be one of their first connections. While they can appreciate a woman who is powerful, it is not the driving force for them. However, that is not the case for most women. In fact, females tend to have certain criteria already set when they search for the right man. The men that do not meet their standards, are often left out or stand no chance.

Women want a man who has power because of what that represents. Most men with power, typically have control over people and money. In addition, they are intelligent, aggressive and successful in whatever it is they are doing. For females, that part of them is attractive and even considered extremely sexy.

The scope of a man’s power can be wide and defined with encompassing strokes. Most would argue that the vast majority of women only see dollar signs when they look at a man with power. In most cases, that is the ultimate driving force for some women. However, when analyzed further, money is not the primary motivational factor for women. When a female wants a man who can provide for both her and her family, it is not a case of being money hungry. The truth is that she simply wants security and someone who can take care of her in the future.

Besides those factors, women can also gain other things from dating a man whose is powerful. The feeling of accomplishments and increase in self-esteem is also a key factor. Some women see their attraction to men with power coming from parental influence. Their parents or grandparents may have been well respected in their households. They provided and cared for their families. That experience stays with them and ultimately leads them to choose someone with similar qualities.

On the other side of the coin, there are women who never had that growing up. Because of that missing male in power upbringing, they now seek to find one. This way, they can obtain the feeling of security missing their entire lives. Lastly, most would argue that women are drawn to men in power because it’s in their DNA. They may be wired genetically to desire these types of men in power.

The one thing we do know about power is that most people want it. And the men that have it attract women who desire it.

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