Why women like bad boys

Good guys may finish first in certain races but not when it comes to getting women. According to research, girls like men who have tendencies to be bad. When compared to average men, guys with patterns which are psychopathic, usually get more dates.

It turns out that most guys who are bad, are inclined to be better looking. Studies show that men who are appealing physically, tend to have dark personality traits. These include, but are not limited to unscrupulousness, narcissistic and psychopathic behavior. In the research, they noted that men who had narcissistic tendencies took better care of themselves. That is when it came to making their outward appearances look more appealing. Not only their physical bodies, but also how they dressed and their hair styles.

In addition to these qualities, they also possessed more confidence in their walk and body language. Even the facial expressions of bad boys were more attractive than average males. The key factor here is that when people find someone hot, they also speculate other positive things about them. They may assume the person is confident, intelligent, charming and kind. Yet in many of the cases, this all turned out to not be true.

Women also found bad boys to be more fun and outgoing. They know how to show them a good time when going out. Bad boys may be insubordinate, egotistical and reckless. But, they are also self-reliant, confident, courageous and fearless. The key is being able to be with a person who although lives dangerously, never causes actual harm.

Besides all of these attracting qualities, bad boys are viewed by women as being good fathers and dedicated spouses. Still, in most cases, this is a delusion on their part. Interestingly enough, this cycle tends to happen during the time when women are ovulating. It is as if they look at bad boys differently when they ovulate. Women typically want to reproduce with the strongest males. Bad boys represent that and they want these types of men to be the father of their children.

For many women, they assume bad boys also represent passion. The attraction becomes bigger when women try to convince themselves that they can change the men. Or at least try to tame them eventually. Another key factor that leads women to be attracted to bad boys is the potential element. Women see them as being misunderstood creatures who somehow got bad breaks in their lives. In her mind, she thinks that she alone will eventually find his hidden potential. The woman desires to unlock all that he can be – in her mind – and change him accordingly.

Other reasons may be due to childhood issues a woman may have had with her father. For women whose father was abusive, malcontent or distant emotionally, a bad boy is subconsciously appealing. Someone who has similar traits will appear to be familiar to them.

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